The world is so different, when you´re just five centimetres tall!

Arachnophobia is the first especially handmade Fun - Computer Game for Tobii eyetracking products.
Arachnophobia Episode 1 is the first game from the team!
With it´s totally handdrawn graphics and animations, it´s entirely selfmade sounds and it´s exclusivly composed music Arachnophobia is a totally exceptional and fun experience for Tobii eyecontrol!

Supported Devices:

Arachnophobia is a game best enjoyed on Tobii EyeControl Devices (Tobii SDK optimized) on the C-Series.

Technical Requirements:
Tobii C 12
Tobii C 15
Tobii PCEye


Arachnophobia can be also played on normal Windows PCs with mouse or touch control or other input devices:


Main Characters:

LORE Hi! My name is Lore vander Litehus! I like mashed mites, newspapers, my clean but a little untidy livingkitchen and of course my coffee.
I don´t like missing things!
For instance, since a few years ago I miss my hamster Iwan, cause he disappeared. A lot of things keep disappearing in my neighbourhood lately, even Timmi, the kid from next door.
I wonder where it is they´re going to!?!
Hi Dudes! My name is Norm L. Mite! I like fluffs, scuttling around on a nice tiled floor and of course i like my job and my boss - although he´s sometimes a little grumpy. But hey being boss is hard, all the responsibility. You know, all in all, it works for me! I definitely don´t like hoovers, newspaper and bipeds, they´re always so tense! Chill, dude, chill!



Hi! I´m Lore´s kitchen! I kind of like it neat and tidy, oh, I mean, I LIKE THE WAY, LORE´S KEEPING ME (if I tell otherwise and she finds out, she´ll stop cleaning up completely, not that she´s done a lot of cleaning lately, but, hey, you´ll never know). SO I REALLY LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS!! (But lately, the ugly couchbunny is acting strange, when nobody´s looking. I wonder what he´s plotting in his fluffy head?!?)

Hallo! My Name is Iwan! Iwan Sandersowitch! Lore took me home with her from Bratsk. Since then i tried to work on my scientific experiments. Oh, if i just had known before to what that would lead. Oh, oh, oh! This darn bunny! Oh, besides, I like granuly korma!



Guten Tag! My name is Snowball! General Snowball! Or YES, SIR, GENERAL, SIR! Not Snowbun or Bunniewunny or Cuddliebun or Couchbunny and definitely not Kissikissicuddliewuddly! GENERAL SNOWBUN, I MEAN SNOWBALL! I like nobody! I only tolerate my minions and servants! I lost my left eye in battle! WHO SAID "PAD BATTLE"??? I WILL GET YOU AND IF I HAVE TO ENLARGE ALL INSECTS AND SHRINK ALL HUMANS! Hey, wait a moment, there´s an idea...

pssst! hi! i am a complete secret! don´t tell bunnywunny about me! ..........................................................................



Woouuuaaah! I´m DON OKTO! Bipeds, I´ll get you!! DON OKTO will squash you!!! WAaAaAaA! Only if DON OKTO was biiiig enough! DON OKTOOOOO!